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  • November 2006
    M T W T F S S

10. Saul would rather play party politics than win elections

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 9, 2006

In an email to party activists this morning that has somehow “found” its way to the net Saul states:

“To be perfectly honest with you I was not planning on jumping into this so quickly, but the stories that were brought up in the press last week appear to be more real than not.”

Saul is obviously referring to the Lansing State Journal article with all it’s anonymous sources.

I am not sure why Saul felt the need to send out this email…Saul holds an elected position within the Republican Party as chairman of the state committee, I refer you to his website when he campaigned for the position.  Why does he feel the need to exploit an effort (whatever that means) for new leadership of an elected position.

When you are in a position of leadership you are expected to deliver results, and from what I know about Saul he is the type of person that does what he wants when he wants without looking back.  That type of person has two types of fate; when things go right it is easy to take all the credit, but when things go wrong you have no one to blame but yourself (I think it is safe to say that things are just about as bad as they could get right now.)

Here is my point, everyone knew these elections were shaping up to be a wash. (If you bought into the hype that they were closing up then you probably spent about as much time reading Saul’s blogs as he spent trying to think of ways to put a positive spin on things.)  These were totally the wrong candidates for this years elections and I think we found out how wrong they were last night, but I digress (more on that later.) 

Saul knew his job was on the line, so what do he and his cronies decide to do, instead of focusing on ways to at least produce a respectable showing for their candidates, they shop a story to the media that will give them some kind of credibility when their attentions turn to what is really important to them…their control of the state party.

So the day after the elections, before anyone can even put their heads on straight from the “knockout” delivered by the Dems, he blasts out an email to party activists exposing a “plot” to unseat him and announces his re-election campaign. 

Any respectable person who has just produced and unbelievable failure would at least take some time to evaluate what they did wrong.  Any respectable person that actually cared about the state of the party would take at least a day or two to evaluate if they even belong in their leadership position.  If Saul really cared about the party he would have been spending every last minute fighting for the best possible results in these elections and if they didn’t work out accept that responsibility and step down. 

Saul, however, decided to spend the last couple weeks of the campaign, while Devos and Bouchard were getting their asses handed to them by the Dems, figuring out a way to postion himself for a re-election bid.

In my opinion Saul Anuzis is cocky, power-hungry, and  could care less about the success of our party. He is only worried about his own well being (more on that later too.)  Enter his whiny pathetic email that makes him sound like a scared and desperate Oliver Twist.

“I wasn’t prepared to get a campaign together before all the votes were counted, but I think all of you know my background and what I have done as Chairman.  So I’m throwing out this quicky email…if you are willing to endorse me up from please let me know.”

Sure, Oliver, sure…I mean Saul

“Please , sir, may I have some more” (Two more years that is)

What’s next Saul…a TV add with you in front of a podium saying, “and in two years, you’ll be blown away!”

Not a chance, Saul.  Michigan needs results, not begging.  WE NEED CHANGE NOW, not two more years of you!!!!


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