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  • November 2006
    M T W T F S S

Michigan’s GOP Needs New Leadership

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 9, 2006

So here is my take on all the hub-bub about the fight for control of the Michigan Republican Party…

After reading the article in the Lansing State Journal on the subject last week I was intrigued to how something like this (an inter-party battle for control of the party) could warrant anyone’s attention one week before an election.  The article sites numerous anonymous sources, which can only mean that whoever pushed this story knew they could not afford to reveal themselves around election time. 

I think it is obvious from everything that I have been reading (Hotline, Redstate, ect.) that there is something going on within the Michigan GOP…and in my humble opinion there is only one thing that I have to say about that…thank GOD!!!! 

Having always considered myself a Republican, and since really immersing myself into following politics after I arrived to college (during the 2002 elections) I have constantly been dismayed and disappointed by the failure of the Republican party in my beloved state to get their act together. Since 2002 I have had to suffer through two losses for the Governors seat, two losses for a Senate seat, John Kerry winning the states electoral vote, the loss of a Republican majority in the state house, and Republican losses on the State Board of Eductaion ect, ect.

Saul Anuzis has done nothing to reverse that dismal trend and with this years pathetic Republican performance he has actually managed to make it worse. 

So for the next ten days I am going to explain my top ten reasons why there needs to be a change in leadership for the Michigan Republican Party

…coming in at Number 10


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