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  • November 2006
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“Micro-targeting” hurt the Republicans this election cycle.

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 16, 2006

There is a very intersesting article over at

Did Microtargeting Hurt or Help GOP’s Voter Turnout Efforts?

With everyone over at State Party congratulating themselves over what they are calling a successful election cycle…I will be sending this article directly to the desk of Saul Anuzis in case he has not already seen it.

In some dillusional manner the folks over at State Party are trying to convince us that their outstanding efforts were able to conquer the “National Tsunami” that wiped out Republicans all around the country.  Personally I would not call losing the majority in the State House, barley hanging on to the Senate, blowing a Governors Race, and getting killed in a Senate race conquering anything, but hey, maybe I am the only one.

I am not trying to say that Saul Anuzis or anyone else over at State Party did not work hard to win these 06′ elections…I am sure they did.  What this article is saying, and what I happen to agree with, is that they were simply not doing the right things to win.

Micro-targeting has been very successful for Republicnas in the past…it is something that Saul and State Party have touted as one of their major accomplishments this election cycle.  This article gives an example of how it worked against Republicans this time around.

 Volunteers were given bad data based on “Micro-Targeting” to use for their GOTV effort.  They were wasting their time pushing the GOTV effort with lists that were 40% Granholm supporters.

It was no secret that there was an anti-Republican mood going into these elections…I think that everyone knew right from the get go that the Dems were pumped up about at chance to regain some power, their base was solid right from the start.  However, the Republicans have a base too, and from what I have come to understand relying on a big turnout from your base, while a key ingredient to winning an elections, is only half the battle.

Independents voters, swing voters, not straight ticket voters, whatever you want to call them are just as important…you can not win an election without gaining the majority in this universe of the population.  Instead of giving these people a reason to go against the grain of the anti-Republican mood created in the media Saul and company thought it would be good enough to simply get people to the polls based on some criteria that would make them likely to vote Republican.

There is only one problem with that, this was not a normal year in the minds of the voters…those people that would normally be “likely” to vote Republican were swayed by other factors this election cycle .  In turning them out to vote without giving them a reason to vote Republican they actually increased the numbers for the Dems.  The fact that 70% of independent voters went with the Dems this election cycle shows a complete failure by our leadership to run a successful campaign.

We need leadership in our party that will think out of the box when it is needed.  We need leadership that will not just sit back and rely on tactics to win elections simply because they have worked in the past.  We need someone who is willing to evaluate the current mood of the public and tailor a message and a strategy to bring about the best possible results from that mood.

This election is proof that Saul Anuzis is not that person…WE NEED A CHANGE!!!


One Response to ““Micro-targeting” hurt the Republicans this election cycle.”

  1. Davidovich said

    I see your site was attacked in RedState today. Well I say keep up the good work.

    Losing the House and nearly losing the Senate is unacceptable.

    No wonder the Republican US Congressman from Michigan want new leadership of the MI GOP. If the Democrats take the State Senate too, then their control of the redistricting process will cost us as many as four seats in the US House.

    Four Republican seats from our US Congress delegation gone! Four more votes for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker!

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