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9…Hey Saul!!! The GOP does not need to play the race-card to win elections!!!

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 12, 2006

Check out this article I read over at

It seems old Salius decided to play the race card in an election for Tim Doyle’s seat over in the 75th district.  Keep in mind that this is a seat that Republicans have held for over two decades.  Well it seems that the people of Grand Rapids did not tale to kindly to Saul’s antiquated views and over-the-top negativity…they decided to elect a Democrat.

Tim Doyle himself was forced to go on the record during an election and disavow Saul’s racially influenced jabs to his constituents.

The worst thing about all of this is that old Saulis won’t even admit that he made a mistake.  He tries to make the case that putting out a racially sensitive mailer on behalf of a candidate during an election, which causes that candidate to have to make statements to the press denying that his campaign is racist and that the State Party actually put out the flyer, actually brought up his numbers.  IS THIS GUY INSANE!!!

Hey Saul you not only blew the Get Out The Vote effort for the Governor and Senate race, but with control of the State House in jeopardy you actually made it harder for Republicans to keep control by blowing races they would have otherwise won.

Nice job, Chief….


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