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Michigan Liberal Loves Saul Anuzis…Can You Blame Them

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 17, 2006

 Please check out this whole post over at


Results under Saul Anuzis:

– Unable to defeat a single Democratic incumbent in a state or federal election in 2006.

– Worst performance by a Republican candidate for Governor in 20 years, despite unlimited resources.

– Lost 6 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

– Lost 1 seat in the Michigan Senate to the Democrats despite a Republican gerrymandered map.

– Fewest Republicans and most Democrats in the Michigan Senate in 15 years.

– Lost control of Michigan House of Representatives to the Democrats, producing a Democratic Speaker for the first time in 12 years.

– Mailings to voters in Kent County helped Michigan Democrats send a second state representative to Lansing from Grand Rapids.  Apparently Saul is even more effective at turning around Grand Rapids than Dick DeVos!

– Total Democratic sweep of all elected educational board seats for the first time in 20 years.

– Lost control of numerous county boards to Democrats.

– Endorsed Republican incumbent in 7th Congressional District defeated in primary.

– Urged the Republican National Committee to spend $1 million late on failed Senate campaign of Mike Bouchard rather than devote precious resources to defending Republican incumbents in Montana and Virgina, who in turn lost close races and swung control of the United States Senate to the Democrats!

Saul Anuzis for Republican Chair:  Becuase Michigan Needs More Democrats and Fewer Republicans.

Saul Anuzis Gets it Done!


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“Micro-targeting” hurt the Republicans this election cycle.

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 16, 2006

There is a very intersesting article over at

Did Microtargeting Hurt or Help GOP’s Voter Turnout Efforts?

With everyone over at State Party congratulating themselves over what they are calling a successful election cycle…I will be sending this article directly to the desk of Saul Anuzis in case he has not already seen it.

In some dillusional manner the folks over at State Party are trying to convince us that their outstanding efforts were able to conquer the “National Tsunami” that wiped out Republicans all around the country.  Personally I would not call losing the majority in the State House, barley hanging on to the Senate, blowing a Governors Race, and getting killed in a Senate race conquering anything, but hey, maybe I am the only one.

I am not trying to say that Saul Anuzis or anyone else over at State Party did not work hard to win these 06′ elections…I am sure they did.  What this article is saying, and what I happen to agree with, is that they were simply not doing the right things to win.

Micro-targeting has been very successful for Republicnas in the past…it is something that Saul and State Party have touted as one of their major accomplishments this election cycle.  This article gives an example of how it worked against Republicans this time around.

 Volunteers were given bad data based on “Micro-Targeting” to use for their GOTV effort.  They were wasting their time pushing the GOTV effort with lists that were 40% Granholm supporters.

It was no secret that there was an anti-Republican mood going into these elections…I think that everyone knew right from the get go that the Dems were pumped up about at chance to regain some power, their base was solid right from the start.  However, the Republicans have a base too, and from what I have come to understand relying on a big turnout from your base, while a key ingredient to winning an elections, is only half the battle.

Independents voters, swing voters, not straight ticket voters, whatever you want to call them are just as important…you can not win an election without gaining the majority in this universe of the population.  Instead of giving these people a reason to go against the grain of the anti-Republican mood created in the media Saul and company thought it would be good enough to simply get people to the polls based on some criteria that would make them likely to vote Republican.

There is only one problem with that, this was not a normal year in the minds of the voters…those people that would normally be “likely” to vote Republican were swayed by other factors this election cycle .  In turning them out to vote without giving them a reason to vote Republican they actually increased the numbers for the Dems.  The fact that 70% of independent voters went with the Dems this election cycle shows a complete failure by our leadership to run a successful campaign.

We need leadership in our party that will think out of the box when it is needed.  We need leadership that will not just sit back and rely on tactics to win elections simply because they have worked in the past.  We need someone who is willing to evaluate the current mood of the public and tailor a message and a strategy to bring about the best possible results from that mood.

This election is proof that Saul Anuzis is not that person…WE NEED A CHANGE!!!

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Dave Dishaw Launches Website, More People Call For Change.

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 16, 2006

One of the names being mentioned for a possible replacement for current MIGOP Chair Saul Anuzis has launched a website.

It will be interesting to see what other candidates emerge over the next month or so.

Also be sure to check out another blog calling for new leadership in Michigan’s Republican Party:

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Congressman Peter Hoekstra Calls for State Chair Saul Anuzis to be Replaced

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 14, 2006

Hoekstra calls for replacing GOP leadership


Tuesday, November 14, 2006By Ed Golder

The Grand Rapids Press

Republican Party leadersincluding Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis — should be replaced after last week’s election losses, said U.S. Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland.

After you get whacked, you need a clear change in leadership,” Hoekstra said. “You need a fresh look. You need that at the national level and you need that at the state level.”

Hoekstra joins a growing number of Republicans who have targeted Anuzis in the wake of defeats. Last week, officers of the Kent County Republican Party wrote a letter to activists calling for the ouster of Anuzis and supporting local 3rd Congressional District Chairman Dave Dishaw for the job. Anuzis and Dishaw will face off at the February Republican convention in Grand Rapids.

Also, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman announced last week that he would leave his post at year’s end.

Hoekstra addressed a range of issues in an interview with Press editorial writers Monday. Hoekstra will lose influence and profile as Democrats take control of Congress. After January, when Democrats will have majority in the House and Senate, he will no longer be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

He blamed the Republican defeat on President Bush and Congress, especially their handling of the war in Iraq.

“People just perceived Republicans and the president as locked too firmly into a strategy that’s not working,” Hoekstra said.

Continue reading article here….

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Saul Anuzis – “My job is to basically put our best candidate forward”

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 14, 2006

Anuzis Primary Favoritism Cost Republicans in 2006

There are three potential candidates for State Chairman currently being discussed Saul Anuzis, Dave Dishaw, Chuck Perricone, and Jerry Zandstra.

This campaign seems to be about two things: the loss of elections in Michigan and the ability of a candidate to be neutral in Primaries.  As someone who liked Jerry Zandstra in the Primary and would be likely to support him if he ran for Chairman, I distinctly remembered Anuzis not playing fair in the US Senate Primary. 

Anuzis clearly favored Bouchard at the expense of Butler and Zandstra.  This ended up backfiring as supporters of Butler and Zandstra were slow to help Bouchard because the party under Saul Anuzis was not playing fair in the Primary.

The Bouchard campaign was being run by Sterling Corporation.  I did a little research and found out that Sterling Corporation has been paid $1.5 million dollars by the Michigan Republican State Committee since Saul Anuzis was elected Chairman.

Anuzis to TV -8: “My job’s not to level any playing field. My job is to basically put our best candidate forward.”

Now Mitt Romney has hired Sterling Corporation to run his Presidential campaign.  It is very hard to believe that he would be neutral given his past record in Primaries.

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Urge Zandstra to Run for Chairman

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 14, 2006

Please email Jerry Zandstra at and urge him to run for Chairman of the Michigan Republican State Committee!

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Saul’s Plan For Victory

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 13, 2006

I have been forwarded this email from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. This email is from very early this past election cycle when Saul was developing his plan of attack for 06′.

He seems to have outlined 4 key points:

1) Completely ignore independents and only concentrate on turning out a strong Republican base to win an election in a slightly Democratic state.

2) Use micro-targeting to identify potential supporters and encourage them to get out and vote…don’t worry that 40% of those lists ARE MADE UP OF DEMOCRATS.

3) Spend more money on a GOTV effort than your opposition while actually helping to increase their voter turnout.

4) Buy 3 more rounds of Whiskey and leave the bar to finish the rest of “The Republican Plan for Victory in 06”

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8…What the experts have to say

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 13, 2006


Pollster: GOP GOTV Effort Overwhelmed

“Democrats spent less than them (GOP) on GOTV and they still got outperformed,” said EPIC/MRA Vice President Ed SARPOLUS. The pollster noted that even if the Dick DeVOS campaign had executed the perfect campaign plan this year, they still could not have won.

“The difference between GOP and Democrats was 260,000 votes,” Sarpolus explained. “Some 260,000 more Democrats turned out to vote. Even if he [DeVos] executed the perfect plan, he couldn’t have beaten Democrats on turnout.” 

“Independents clearly expressed their opinion by voting Democratic and Democrats were energized,” Sarpolus said. “Republicans were not excited and about 15 percent were voting Democratic.”

Enough said.


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9…Hey Saul!!! The GOP does not need to play the race-card to win elections!!!

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 12, 2006

Check out this article I read over at

It seems old Salius decided to play the race card in an election for Tim Doyle’s seat over in the 75th district.  Keep in mind that this is a seat that Republicans have held for over two decades.  Well it seems that the people of Grand Rapids did not tale to kindly to Saul’s antiquated views and over-the-top negativity…they decided to elect a Democrat.

Tim Doyle himself was forced to go on the record during an election and disavow Saul’s racially influenced jabs to his constituents.

The worst thing about all of this is that old Saulis won’t even admit that he made a mistake.  He tries to make the case that putting out a racially sensitive mailer on behalf of a candidate during an election, which causes that candidate to have to make statements to the press denying that his campaign is racist and that the State Party actually put out the flyer, actually brought up his numbers.  IS THIS GUY INSANE!!!

Hey Saul you not only blew the Get Out The Vote effort for the Governor and Senate race, but with control of the State House in jeopardy you actually made it harder for Republicans to keep control by blowing races they would have otherwise won.

Nice job, Chief….

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10. Saul would rather play party politics than win elections

Posted by Walter Sobcheck on November 9, 2006

In an email to party activists this morning that has somehow “found” its way to the net Saul states:

“To be perfectly honest with you I was not planning on jumping into this so quickly, but the stories that were brought up in the press last week appear to be more real than not.”

Saul is obviously referring to the Lansing State Journal article with all it’s anonymous sources.

I am not sure why Saul felt the need to send out this email…Saul holds an elected position within the Republican Party as chairman of the state committee, I refer you to his website when he campaigned for the position.  Why does he feel the need to exploit an effort (whatever that means) for new leadership of an elected position.

When you are in a position of leadership you are expected to deliver results, and from what I know about Saul he is the type of person that does what he wants when he wants without looking back.  That type of person has two types of fate; when things go right it is easy to take all the credit, but when things go wrong you have no one to blame but yourself (I think it is safe to say that things are just about as bad as they could get right now.)

Here is my point, everyone knew these elections were shaping up to be a wash. (If you bought into the hype that they were closing up then you probably spent about as much time reading Saul’s blogs as he spent trying to think of ways to put a positive spin on things.)  These were totally the wrong candidates for this years elections and I think we found out how wrong they were last night, but I digress (more on that later.) 

Saul knew his job was on the line, so what do he and his cronies decide to do, instead of focusing on ways to at least produce a respectable showing for their candidates, they shop a story to the media that will give them some kind of credibility when their attentions turn to what is really important to them…their control of the state party.

So the day after the elections, before anyone can even put their heads on straight from the “knockout” delivered by the Dems, he blasts out an email to party activists exposing a “plot” to unseat him and announces his re-election campaign. 

Any respectable person who has just produced and unbelievable failure would at least take some time to evaluate what they did wrong.  Any respectable person that actually cared about the state of the party would take at least a day or two to evaluate if they even belong in their leadership position.  If Saul really cared about the party he would have been spending every last minute fighting for the best possible results in these elections and if they didn’t work out accept that responsibility and step down. 

Saul, however, decided to spend the last couple weeks of the campaign, while Devos and Bouchard were getting their asses handed to them by the Dems, figuring out a way to postion himself for a re-election bid.

In my opinion Saul Anuzis is cocky, power-hungry, and  could care less about the success of our party. He is only worried about his own well being (more on that later too.)  Enter his whiny pathetic email that makes him sound like a scared and desperate Oliver Twist.

“I wasn’t prepared to get a campaign together before all the votes were counted, but I think all of you know my background and what I have done as Chairman.  So I’m throwing out this quicky email…if you are willing to endorse me up from please let me know.”

Sure, Oliver, sure…I mean Saul

“Please , sir, may I have some more” (Two more years that is)

What’s next Saul…a TV add with you in front of a podium saying, “and in two years, you’ll be blown away!”

Not a chance, Saul.  Michigan needs results, not begging.  WE NEED CHANGE NOW, not two more years of you!!!!

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